Former Prime minister Imran Khan Exclusively talk

Mian Mehmood Ur Rasheed reportedly suffered extreme chest pains in jail the day before today. He turned into taken to the sanatorium however despite doctors’ advice to maintain him beneath commentary, he became forcibly taken returned to the jail.

He — a 70 yr old man with a extreme coronary heart circumstance — has been in prison on this blistering heat for over 75 days.

He is being subjected to such torture and inhumane behaviour entirely for his crime of refusing to renounce PTI.

I again urge our judiciary and the Human Rights Organisations to take a stand and defend the fundamental rights of the citizens.

While the whole state machinery and our intelligence groups are completely targeted on a one factor agenda of dismantling the u . S . A .’s largest political birthday celebration, there’s been a drastic surge in terror associated incidents throughout the u . S ..

As per the record from KP's counter-terrorism dept, in just last 365 days, there were 665 terror assaults in KP by myself

On top of our economic and political crisis the closing aspect Pakistan wishes is, to be once more engulfed in terrorism. 

There is an urgent want to set our priorities right.

InshAllah while PTI is returned in electricity, we will add to the faculty curriculum, in addition to Sirat-Un-Nabi, the Fundamental Rights of the residents.

So each citizen will keep in mind that Haqeeqi Azaadi can only be attained once they apprehend the rights given to them by the charter and are then ready to protect the ones rights with their lives.


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