Imran Khan Exclusively reply to Government


The removal of Shehryar Afridi from Adiala Jail by way of unknown folks earlier than (remaining) the day prior to this is unlawful in every sense and shows the lawlessness and utter bullying within the united states.

As stated by way of his suggest, the only reason of the torture and worst harassment of Shahryar is to coercively compel him to report his announcement towards me under Section 164 of the Penal Code.

Now some other faux case has been registered against him in Bahawalpur with the aid of making a daft rate of being worried in wheat robbery.

I am pleading with my personal judiciary to take a (company) stand (against this cruelty and lawlessness inside the u . S .) and forestall the way of gross violations of our essential rights and the worst atrocities and revenge towards the contributors and officers of Pakistan's biggest birthday party.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf activist Sohail Khan changed into shot on May 9 while he was busy exercise his proper to peaceful protest in opposition to the unconstitutional and unjust abduction of his birthday celebration's chairman. 

His leg needed to be amputated, however he became once more picked up with the aid of the police and put in jail as a part of the system of creating the sufferer a criminal.

The silence of human rights groups and the journalistic community is unexpected despite the fact that at the same day sixteen civilians have been showed shot dead, nine are lacking and presumed lifeless, 3 Pakistanis had their legs amputated and 1 civilian become maimed.

The wretched bunch of criminals who are hell-bent on implicating (accusing me) whatever simply to disqualify me and positioned me in jail have all over again hit themselves inside the foot.

They have given me an possibility to absolutely disclose the cipher spectacle.

Tomorrow I will lay earlier than the nation all of the details with none hesitation, how a conspiracy became hatched to overthrow a government that had (for the primary time) the fine economic performance in 17 years and produce to strength the criminals who have introduced the u . S . A . To break.

I can assure you that these details could be extra exciting and charming than any drama on television.

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