How to write a unique article without AI tools


People want to learn blogging but every time they intend to, they don't get to learn and see something that answers every question they have. So people lose interest. There are only a few of them who continue their work on blogging with this thought in mind. Now everything here is going to wonder why the people who left have left. Actually the thing is that Google says we will give you uproll only when your website is completely correct and following the rules given by us. Now it comes to the actual fact that we have started blogging, where do we get the content from. Many people ask to write with Ai that Google accepts this thing. Now even if people write articles using the same tool, when Apple sends bananas, Google sends them back.

 After all, why does he send it? He says your content is not good enough for us to give an application. Now, people are holding their heads and sitting down wondering what we should do. The first thing that comes to their mind is that we don't know how to write content. How we write content ourselves should also be written on thousands of words. See how to write your article today I make it very easy what is the content after all.

It is your content to interpret in your own words whatever is happening around you or what you are aware of. Now what is difficult is to discuss what is happening around you and what is trending and upload it in your own words, that is your content. Maximum you have to write three hundred and fifty words. And how many minutes will it take to write three hundred and fifty words? If you are writing for the first time, it will be difficult to write, but as soon as you become a regular writer, it will be very easy for you.

The more your content is your own, the more Google will self-promote and rank it. And your content will spread on its own. By which you will also bring traffic to your website. And the traffic that comes to your website from Google is the real earning banana and will earn millions again.

 By going Where each of you takes 20 minutes at first, then it takes 10 minutes. And when you start doing this, the content will be right there in front of you. And you'll write down whatever you think of. And after writing, your own written article will appear. And when you publish it, it will be called content, which will be very useful for readers.


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